هي السرعة ZAMPERLA

تسير بالسرعة العالية. سواء أن كانت ZAMPERLA الشركة
الألعاب تسير بحركة عامودية أو أفقية, أو كانت تدخل الابتكارات
تتحرّك باستمرار لتبقى في Zamperla الفنية الجديدة, الشركة
الطليعة للوفاء بالمتطلبات التقنية الصارمة الخاصة في ألعاب
الملاهي في القرن الواحد والعشرين.


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A very prepared and highly qualified team of artists


  • Technical Dept.

    Our engineers and technicians are specialize in translating artwork into well engineered amusement rides.

  • Art Dept.

    Art Department is continually enhancing attractions by developing new themes or by elaborating on ideas submitted by customers.

  • Production Dept.

    We believe that by using advanced technology our employees are more than just workers, they are craftsmen.

  • Sales Dept.

    Our sales men travel all around the world to catch trends and to stay as close as possible to our customers.

  • Customer Care

    It is a complete cycle that starts with the SET UP of the ride, continue with the technical assistance and ends with a store with over 10.000 spare parts!

  • Parks Development

    Our experienced design staff can work shoulder to shoulder with your team to design a ride park layout.