Giant Discovery

Antonio Zamperla S.p.A. in cooperation with Soriani S.r.l. is proud to present Giant Discovery 40, a new version of a popular spin & swing flat ride. Riders on this ultimate thrill ride sit in outward-facing suspended seats that form a giant circle of 40 passengers; their legs dangle freely, and each seat has an individual shoulder restraint and restraining belt. Giant Discovery 40 swings riders back and forth in a seemingly out-of-control pendulum motion while rotating counterclockwise. At the peak of the pendulum movement that reaches a maximum speed of 110 km/h (68 mph), riders are upside down 44.8 meters/147 feet above the ground and experience an airtime that coveted feeling of weightlessness that is popular for thrill-seekers on roller coasters. The dynamic return drop generates a variety of sensations on riders depending on their specific position in the counterclockwise rotation, creating a different ride experience each time. Gallery Video Technical.

Minimum passenger height145 cm (57’’)7
Height dimension12 or 13 or 17,5 m (39' 4'' or 42' 8'' or 57' 5'')4
Number of seats22/36/405
VersionPark and Trailer Model8
Theoretical hourly capacity660/1080/1200 pph6
Footprint20,102 x 11, 5 m (65' 11' x 37' 9'') or 21 x 10,2 m (68' 11'' x 33' 5'') or 22,68 x 11,55 m (74' 5'' x 27' 11'')3