Aerial Ride

The Aerial Ride is an affordable option for any park looking for that ‘anchor ride’ to draw families into park’s areas. It is a self-propelled gondola that quietly glides guests along an elevated rail. This gives both parents and kids (seats up 2 adults and 2 children) a panoramic and elevated view of a park area. Track and gondola are fully customizable to fit a size and look of the park.

VersionPark Model9
Theoretical hourly capacity720 pph8
Suggested track lenght120/200 m (393’ 8’’/656’ 2’’)1
Minimum column height3 m (9’ 10’’)2
Minium radius on curves4 m (13’ 1’’)3
Suggested number of vehiclesFrom 4 to 74
Number of seats4 (Max 2 adults)5
Minimum passenger height105 cm (42’’) if not accompanied6
Speed1,7 m/sec.7