Air Race 8.2 TM

Air Race 8.2 trailer mounted takes riders on an amazing journey which replicates the experiences and sensations of an acrobatic aeroplane flight, with banks, loops, dives and weightlessness that will test even the most experienced thrill seekers. Accommodating up to 16 riders at one time in eight, two-seater aeroplanes, the new thriller combines an 6 rpm central ride rotation motion with a motor driven arm rotation that allows for the various movements experienced by riders. The action takes place up to 7,6 m above the ground and “pilots” experience accelerations of almost 3G, right side up and upside down. The class 5 over-the-shoulder restraints incorporated into the seats allow riders from 120 cm (48″) to participate in what is an amazing “flying” experience. Several ride cycles have been developed to allow operators to adapt the ride to different target audiences and to attain the theoretical hourly capacity of 380 riders. But it is not just the ride experience that is a real winner! The visual impact of the Air Race is something not to be missed and will certainly draw attention to the ride from near and far. The independent movement of each arm and the impressive overall size of the whole structure is sure to attract those wishing to test their nerve as well as those simply mesmerised by the speed and movement of the attraction. The ride stand on a singular trailer and can be installed very fast.

Minimum passenger height120 cm (48’’)7
Height dimension7,6 m (24’ 11’’)3
Footprint19,0 m (62’ 4’’)1
Number of arms85
Number of seats16 adults4
Theoretical hourly capacity320 pph6
Drive power100 kW8
VersionPark and Trailer model9