Discovery Revolution

Up to 30 riders are seated in a large circular gondola facing outwards and are held in their seats by over the shoulder restraints with their feet dangling below. The ride action is like a pendulum and as it begins to swing, the gondola also rotates. As each swing gets longer the gondola eventually swings fully through 360 degrees for a totally mind boggling feeling!
As well as the full, adrenaline pumping experience, the Discovery Revolution offers for a slightly less excessive ride can choose to try the ‘less extreme’ programme which swings and rotates but doesn’t include the full 360 degree element.

Lift systemVertical lift with chain4
Maximum track height35 m (115’)2
Footprint260 X 15 m (853’ X 49’)3
Number of inversions55
Max. speed90 km/h - 56 mph6
Max accelleration+ 4.3 G’S7
Total track lenght681 m (2234’)1
Ride time from top of lift to brakesapprox. 38 sec8
Number of vehicles39
Passengers per vehicle910
Minimum passengers height130 cm (51’’)11

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