Family Gravity Coaster

Zamperla’s Family Coaster is the perfect addition to any park’s kiddieland. With a compact oval layout and midcourse helix, the Family Coaster delivers family thrills without consuming excessive midway space. The Family Coaster comes complete with an 80 m track, and a six car train that holds up to twelve adults and children. Add into this Zamperla’s theming capabilities, and the possiblilities for train theming are endless: from a mine train to custom designs based on a park mascot.

Minimum passenger height105 cm (42”) if not accompanied8
Total track lenght80 m (262’ 6'')4
Max speed7,2 m/s9
Theoretical hourly capacity360 pph7
Height dimension4,4 m (14’ 5”)3
Lenght dimension30 m (98’)1
Passengers per train126
Width dimension12 m (39' 4'')2
Number of trains15
Custom LayoutAvailable10

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