The Hawk is a dynamic, looping ride which propels passengers 21 mt (70 feet) in the air at 13 rpm. The Hawk 24 accomodates 24 rides with 8 rows of simultaneous load seating and a hydraulic lift platform. The Hawk 48 features a second arm to double the capacity of the ride. It also features over-the-shoulder safety restraints. The unique seating arrangements allow passengers to interact with each other as they sit face to face soaring and swooping through the air. The drive system consist of a D.C. Motor controlled by a PLC. The arms rotates clockwise and counterclockwise. Both the Hawk 24 and the Hawk 48 come complete with anti-slip aluminium platform and painted aluminium panels. The ride also feauteres a deluxe light package (1250 lights on the Hawk 24, 2500 lights on the Hawk 48) and a Hawk sign.

Width dimension21,2 m (69’)2
Lenght dimension48,5 m (159’ 1'')1
Height dimension13 m (42’ 65”)3
Total track lenght364 m (1194’)4
Number of trains25
Passengers per train126
Minimum passenger height120 cm (48”)8
Custom LayoutAvailable10
Max speed60 km/h – 37 mph9
Theoretical hourly capacity800 pph7