Jumpin’ Star

Children will laugh, giggle and scream on Zamperla’s Jumpin’ Star. Six children and adults are lifted to a height of approximately 20 ft. Then in a flash of lights, the passengers begin their jumping vertical descent in a quick series of short drops. Each jump brings elated faces of surprise and delight. The Jumpin’ Star gives every kid the chance to experience a tower ride all their own. With endless theming possibilities, the Jumpin’ Star might be the most versatile amusement device of all.

Number of seats6 passengers (max 2 adults)4
Lenght dimension3,65 m (12')1
Minimum passenger height90 cm (36”) if not accompanied6
VersionPark and Trailer Model7
Width dimension3,2 m (10' 6'')2
Height dimension7,53 m (24‘ 8'')3
Theoretical hourly capacity180 pph5