Mini Bumper Car

One of the great, classic, interactive family rides of all time is now available on a smaller scale with children in mind. The Mini Bumper Car is an ideal ride for any family section- sure to be the favorite of children everywhere. A variety of standard themes are available, or you can dream up your own custom theme to give your attraction a unique appearance. The cars can be equipped with either a trolley, or floor pick up system. By offering a sized down version of the larger bumper car ride, no child will feel left out of the fun.

Number of seats244
Lenght dimension12 m (39’ 4”)1
Minimum passenger height105 cm (42’) minimum6
VersionPark Model7
Width dimension8 m (26’ 2’’)2
Theoretical hourly capacity570 pph5
Height dimension3,75 m (12’ 4”)3