Rockin’ Tug

Set sail for adventure on this innovative family ride from the creative minds at Zamperla. Combining a unique combination of rocking and whirling motions, the Rockin’ Tug can accommodate up to 24 riders per cycle for a theoretical capacity of 600 passengers per hour. Available in both park and trailer models, the Rockin’ Tug adds flash and color to any park or carnival. The Rockin’ Tug was award the Best New Family Ride at the 2002 IAAPA convention and actually is one of Zamperla’s best seller!

Seats24 passengers (15 children + 8 adults)1
Ride Speed11rpm4
Minimum passenger height105 cm (42“) if not accompanied2
Drive power requirements10kW5
Light power (optional)1,5kW6
Direction of travelclockwise/anticlockwise7
Hourly capacity (theoretical)600 pph3