Taga J

The TAGA J is an exciting new family ride that gives a new twist to the popular Tagada ride. Combining a traditional rotating platform with an interactive inflatable, the TAGA J riders spin, bounce, rock and jump. Themed with bright colors and lighting, this economical compact ride delivers a big impact in a small footprint. The TAGA J can accommodate up to 18 children for an theoretical hours capacity of 450.

Number of seats18 children4
Lenght dimension7,9 m (25’ 11’’)1
Minimum passenger height90 cm (36”) - 140 cm (55'') maximum6
VersionPark and Trailer Model7
Width dimension7,8 m (25’ 7'')2
Theoretical hourly capacity450 pph5
Height dimension6,5 m (21’ 4’’)3