Tea Cup

Zamperla’s Tea Cup is a must have ride chosen by all the major parks around the world. Tea Cup is composed of a turntable of 14.5 m in diameter inside of which there are four smaller turntables, on which are positioned 3 cups, for a total of 12, with a maximum capacity of 60 people. The cups can be rotated manually by passengers by means of a central steering wheel. The central decoration is constituted by a large teapot. Many themes are already available and many other are ready to perfect fit your park layout.

Number of seats60 adults4
Minimum passenger height105 cm (42’’) if not accompanied6
VersionPark Model7
Footprint16,4 m (53' 10'') or 16,5 m (54’ 2’’)2
Height dimensiondepending on theming3
Theoretical hourly capacity1500 pph5