We are proud to introduce the brand new Thunderbolt: latest addition to Zamperla’s Thrill Coaster family. This exciting new ride – designed by Zamperla’s Roller Coaster Department in collaboration with the world-renowned coaster guru, Stengel Buro – sets a new benchmark in its category. Custom built for an extremely narrow area – 15 m by 260 m – with 681 m of track, the Thunderbolt’s vehicle reaches speeds of 90 km per hour. The ride, approximately 2 minutes long, starts out with a vertical lift of 35 m that leads directly into a jaw-dropping 90-degree vertical drop. Following, a 29 m vertical loop and a 25 m zero-g roll the ride continues with a 112 degree over-banked turn, a unique heart line dive, a corkscrew and several airtime hills.

With its unprecedented footprint, the Thunderbolt is the right choice for parks with limited space looking for a thrilling and unforgettable roller coaster ride.

Lift systemVertical lift with chain4
Maximum track height35 m (115’)2
Footprint260 X 15 m (853’ X 49’)3
Number of inversions55
Max. speed90 km/h - 56 mph6
Max accelleration+ 4.3 G’S7
Total track lenght681 m (2234’)1
Ride time from top of lift to brakesapprox. 38 sec8
Number of vehicles39
Passengers per vehicle910
Minimum passengers height130 cm (51’’)11