The world of mid-size roller coaster is about to be swept off its feet with the unique thrills of the hang gliding Volare coaster. Designed and engineered by world-renowned coaster guru, Werner Stengel, Volare offers the sensation of flight like it has never been experienced before. Suspended four across in one of seven individual cars, Volare offers every rider an unobstructed front seat ride. Featuring a unique spiral lift system, Volare treats its riders to swooping turns, breathtaking drops, and two heartline inversions – creating the incredible sensation of zero gravity. For the ultimate in unique thrills with a minimal footprint, look no further than that high flying Volare!

Number of vehicles65
Width dimension24,8 m (81'')2
Passengers per vehicles46
Lenght dimension51,6 m (169’)1
Height dimension20 m (66’)3
Theoretical hourly capacity480 pph7
Minimum passenger height127 cm (50’’)8
Total track lenght394 m (1293’)4
Max speed41 km/h9