Watermania is one of the latest additions to Zamperla’s ever-growing product range and takes advantage of people’s natural enjoyment of playing with water. It takes the form of a duelling Tea Cup ride on water with a standard configuration of six, four seater cups providing a total capacity of 24 passengers and a theoretical hourly capacity of 480. Each rider is seated in front of a water blaster which allows them to shoot water at fellow riders. As the whole ride rotates around a central axis, each cup also rotates, alternately clockwise and anti-clockwise, making the ‘battle’ between the cups more fun! Loading and unloading of the cups is carried out from outside the pool thanks to a control system that ensures the ride stops in the same position after each ride. As well as the standard format, for those operators looking for a larger capacity ride, Watermania is also available in a double configuration –two standard rides next to each other – offering a total of 48 seats and an hourly capacity of 960 riders. Additionally, it is a very compact ride with the diameter of the single version, including surrounding fencing, being 13m/42.6ft while the double version is 25m x 13m/82ft x 42.5ft. So, if you are looking to add a great ‘cool down’ attraction to your operation that is sure to be an instant hit with all ages, then look no further than Zamperla’s Watermania.

Theoretical hourly capacity480/960 pph5
Footprint13,184 m (43’ 3’’)/ 13,184 x 25 m (43’ 3’’ x 82’)1
Number of boat6/122
Seats per boatMax 4 adults3
Minimum passenger height120 cm (48’’) if not accompanied - 90 cm (36’’) minimum6
Main rotation3,5 RPM clockwise/3,5 RPM clockwise-anticlockwise7
Gondola rotation4 RPM clockwise/11 RPM anticlockwise8
Drive Power9/18 kW9