Art Department – test01


Where fantasies come true

An amusement ride is far more than just a mechanical device – it is a fascinating combination of movement and light that translates to people as ‘fun’. Our Art Dept. is continually enhancing attractions by developing new themes or by elaborating on ideas submitted by customers – we are sure that colours and shapes make the difference!

A special ride… for you!

Developing ideas from our customers or adapting existing characters to a ride concept is one of our specialities! Through dialogue with our customers in markets around the world, Zamperla has honed its ability to adapt its ride concepts to audiences from many different cultures. Another reason the most demanding clients choose Zamperla.

Projecting successful venue.

Designing a successful amusement venue requires close attention to even the smallest of details. Zamperla’s experienced design staff can work shoulder to shoulder with your team to design a ride package and park layout that will provide your guests with a unique and exciting experience.

Shaping your dreams.

Having a great idea is one thing, but being able to translate it into reality. Zamperla’s talented craftsmen use the most advanced techniques – 3D scanners and software engineering – to bring the artistic theming elements of each ride to life.

Some stunning artworks.