Balloon Race

A spectacular family ride that everyone can enjoy together. The Balloon Race is a real crowd-pleaser and make for a very attractive centerpiece in any park. The Balloon race is available with 8 or 12 large balloons as well as a deluxe lighting and signage package. The balloons can be easily themed with pastel colors, tulips, or even a pirate ship.

Width dimension10,2 or 14,2 m (33' 6'' or 46' 7'')2
Minimum passenger height120 cm (48”) if not accompanied7
Height dimension8,93 or 11 m (29' 4'' or 36' 1'')3
Lenght dimension10,2 or 14,2 m (33' 6'' or 46' 7'')1
Number of seats32/484
Theoretical hourly capacity800/1200 pph6
VersionPark model8
Number of gondolas8/125