Ferris Wheel

Zamperla was the creator of the innovative hub and spoke style ferris wheel. This design puts more emphasis on the physical appearance of the beautifully designed themed gondolas. Three standard sizes are available for the smaller kiddie models. In other words, no matter what the budget or demographic you are targeting, Zamperla can and will meet your requirements. Theming options are endless – from several standard looks to corporate sponsorship designs.

Width dimension8,5 or 9 m (27' 11'' or 29' 6'')2
Minimum passenger height105 cm (42”) if not accompanied6
Height dimension12,1 or 16 or 22 m (39' 8'' or 52' 6'' or 72' 2'')3
Lenght dimension10,25 or 14,2 or 20,2 m (33' 8'' or 46' 7'' or 66' 3'')1
Number of seats40 or 60 or 804
VersionPark Model7
Number of gondolas8 or 12 or 165