Countdown to the Networking event of the year:

2015/09/11 18:00:00

Friday September 11, 2015

On the eve of their arrival day all guests will be led to a Zamperla hosted surprise event that will make all guests ‘re-live’ New York city’s history! Put on you dandiest suit, grab your lady and get ready for a great evening of Charleston, feathers, pearls, drinks, food and great entertainment all within the magic of Central Park! Make sure to be on the guest list for a party you will never forget!


Saturday September 12, 2015

Tour the most exciting part of NYC with new made friends or with your old ones. A double decker will be available to all Golden Ticket Award participants for a chance to discover the Big Apple! Hop on and off at your leisure and spend the morning discovering why they call NY the best city in the world!

The excitement will continue throughout the evening were guests will be escorted to Coney Island: the birthplace of Amusement Parks! The evening will be filled with surprises and festivities! Everyone will have the chance to visit one of the most famous parks in the world while re-living the experience that become long lasting family cherished moments for thousands of New Yorkers and people from all over the world.  A cocktail reception will be hosted within the park where all invited will have the ability to enjoy the sunset while unwinding with a cold beverage to prepare for the evening festivities.  During the sit-down dinner, which will be served in one of Coney Island oldest and beloved establishments, all Golden Ticket Ceremonies will be accompanied by Zamperla provided entertainment.  Many will be the surprises during dinner and though we can’t say much yet, know the evening will end with a BANG!!!

New York City’s Central Park
Victorian Garden, Central Park 

Final schedule will be provided once all details are finalized.

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