Integrated Rides

Combining the thrills of a Zamperla roller coaster
with the fun of Zamperla attractions


One of Zamperla’s greatest strengths is our ability to combine the excitement of a custom coaster with the fun of our fantastic portfolio of over 300 rides.
Whether you are working on a greenfield project, a new area of your park or an F.E.C. space, our team will work with you to create an area where the action never stops.
Vertical action creates immersion. When coasters are designed to work with other attractions it changes the energy of a park. A roller coaster used to be sectioned off and stand alone.
We have worked to redefine the experience so it weaves in and out of other attractions, creating a more enjoyable experience for park-goers.
  • Twister Coaster at MOi Park (Turkey)
  • Junior Coaster Ferrari World (U.A.E.)
  • Powered Coaster at Leolandia (Italy)
  • Junior Coaster Cultus Lake (Canada)
  • Junior Coaster Luna Park (U.S.A.)

Case Studies


We worked with this property to install a Junior Coaster.
The goal of this new area was to provide more attractions that appealed to a 4-10 demographic. Combining the coaster with a WindstarZ, Speedway and Sky Tower we carried the park’s world-famous IP through the rides and everything fit within an area of 55 x 39 meters (180 x 128 feet).
While some attractions stayed at grade, the Sky Tower and WindstarZ brought the element of height to the area.


This beautiful little park in western British Columbia has a lot of attractions packed into a small footprint.
Our team worked with ownership to design a custom coaster that went over a majority of the property while disturbing little of the existing infrastructure and attractions.
We designed the Junior Coaster to stand above the existing buildings. In fact, the station sits at 4 meters (13 feet) above grade. Cultus Lake fit a tower ride and other attractions in the coaster’s footprint.
This coaster hit the perfect mark; it was thrilling for tweens and teens and fun for kids enjoying their “first big coaster”.


The Luna Park team wanted to increase visitation and engagement with families, specifically tween visitors.
Their goal was to create an immersive experience that maximized the hourly capacity and return on investment for their next large coaster project. This was resulted in combining the Super Flume and Junior Coaster. The design has a beautiful Victorian train station aesthetic that places the loading areas of both rides in close proximity.
The Junior Coaster and Super Flume weave in and out of one-another. The rides will offer fantastic visuals as the trains on the coaster and the flume boats create a kinetic energy in the space with constant action. In addition, the large number of people will enhance per-cap spending any Luna Park’s many food and beverage stand.
The unique design means that this new integrated rides installation will both redefine the park and significantly extend guests’ length of stay, which speaks volumes about the power of integrated rides.