The park model version of our Convoy kiddie rides has two version of guide line track: 40 m or 120 m, power pick-up and 5 or 6 themed vehicles. Total capacity is 20 (rear seats can hold 1 adult and 1 child) or 24 (rear seats can hold 1 adult and 1 child). Each car running individually is provided with one motor, power pick up to allow the contact with the centre guide line of the track, safety belt, lights, trumpets and twin wheels. Photoelectric cells to stop cars on station, electric panel and rectifier included. The concrete track has to be done locally. Track layout according to customer’s request is possible, but the only requirement is a minimum steering radius of 3,25 m.

Custom LayoutAvailable8
Number of seats20/245
Lenght dimension21,8 m (71’ 6’’) or 40,65 m (133’ 4’’)1
Minimum passenger height90 cm (36”) if not accompanied7
VersionPark Model9
Width dimension8,5 m (27’ 11’’) or 29 m (95’ 2’’)2
Theoretical hourly capacity600/720 pph6
Total track lenght48 m (157’ 6’’) or 120 m (393’ 8’’)3
Number of cars5/64