Zamperla flash news Covid-19

We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and want to reassure you, once again, that the company is fully operative on its scheduled work in every department, from the engineering, to procurement, to production, to our customer services. Our contingency plan Team is monitoring and managing actively the situation, and we are doing our best to avoid impacts on our production and delivery plans; at the moment we aren’t registering major/significant delays or issues.

Collaboration, commitment and responsibility are our soul and what Antonio Zamperla, our founder, instilled in the company more than 50 years ago and, especially these days, we’re putting all our energies to continue to deliver our products all around the world, adopting the soundest measures to keep our employees and our collaborators safe, and our partners and customers satisfied.

Our Customer Care is working hard as usual to guarantee the best service even in this situation. We are doing our best for all our maintenance service operations to proceed smoothly. Our technicians are ready to help you with your ride, in compliance with the rules foreseen by your country.

Every region and city of Italy is now a protected area in order to share the same strategy to contain the virus. Our colleagues from adiacent cities of Padua, Venice and Treviso (roughly at least 50 miles from Vicenza, where our main production site is) are in smart working remotely. People can go out only to work, for health problems and to buy basic goods, and only if they have a permit/self-certification; there are no limitations to the transportation of goods in our area so our suppliers network is active.

We keep going, we keep working, taking this ride all together.

If you have any question related to our business or procedures, you can write to