BUMPARCADE: the new gaming experience designed by Zamperla

Bumper cars are one of the most iconic, popular, and long-lasting amusement park rides out there, that’s for sure! But since the bumper cars experience never changed along the years, Z+ had the innovative idea of bringing something new to the ride with the aim of refreshing it and offering an immersive gaming experience: the BumpArcade.

The system is based on a network of projectors that displays various shapes on the bumper car floor turning it on a big screen of a videogame and riders will feel they are part of it. The positioning of each car is tracked by cameras that thanks to an A.I. application and an artificial neuron network allows to records score of each player. Score chart and game info are displayed on an external screen.

The system has been presented during the IAAPA Show 2018 in Orlando collecting a lot of interest from customers all over the world and the first one will be installed in the upcoming indoor park in FICO.


BumpArcade has been developed to be applied to existing bumper cars too, so if you are looking to refresh your old ride contact Z+ team: info@zamperlaplus.com.