Integrated rides: flat rides and roller coaster interlaced for an immersive experience

We have said it so many times it has become cliché- COVID changed everything. But, some things we repeat because they are true. Zamperla had significant additions planned for 2020 but we performed a significant pivot. Since the Luna Park had a strong 2021 and we anticipate 2022 to be even better with the addition of two huge rides.

The new stars of the boardwalk are Leti’s Treasure, a Super Flume, and Tony’s Express, a Junior Coaster 400. The rides are named after the company’s first family and namesake, Antonio and Letizia Zamperla. Alessandro Zamperla, President & CEO of CAI Parks, told the Brooklyn Eagle, “My family has been blessed to work in the amusement industry for over five generations, and it is truly a humbling moment to be able to honor my late grandparents with Tony’s Express and Leti’s Treasure. The intertwining attractions celebrate Coney Island’s history as well as my grandparents’ relationship that inspired our family’s spirit of continuous innovation.”

This will be the first Super Flume installation and our largest Junior Coaster to-date- by over 123 meters (400 feet)! In addition, the installation will further grow Luna Park’s presence, giving us a footprint reminiscent of the parks that were a part of Coney Island’s first heyday over one hundred years ago- Steeplechase Park, Luna Park and Dreamland.

The Super Flume allows riders 105 cm (42 in) accompanied to ride while the Junior Coaster is open to guests 90 cm (36 in). Both attractions round out the ride collections at Luna Park extremely well and further extend the list of attractions geared toward families.

Leti’s Treasure will offer an 8 m (26 ft) drop with an airtime hump and a 12 m (39 ft) drop as the finale. Tony’s Express is also a great mix of elements- drops, helices and tight turns that flow together for a wonderful experience for riders of all ages.

However, the amazing part is that the two attractions share one plot of land. We call the concept Integrated Rides and it is something Zamperla has been improving for nearly a decade. This concept started on Çilgin Mekik, a custom Twister Coaster that opened at MOi Park in Turkey for the 2014 season. One year later we opened the Mine Train at Cultus Lake in Canada and for the 2020 season we perfected the concept at Ferrari World.

What is Integrated Rides? The idea is to take Zamperla’s world-famous collection of flat rides and marry them with a Zamperla coaster to maximize the capacity. Where many designers would only think to place a roller coaster we have worked to create immersive environments where guests have attractions in every direction.

The Luna Park installation is the best example of this yet. The Junior Coaster and Super Flume will share a common entrance and structure, but with split station areas. The new buildings will be reminiscent of New York’s fantastic transit buildings like Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal. The flume and coaster will wind in, around and through one-another, making the experience fantastic for riders as well as those not quite brave enough to ride. Well over 2,000 people per-hour will enjoy both attractions, making this area one of the busiest blocks at modern-day Coney Island.

Adam Sandy – Roller Coaster Sales and Marketing Director