Luna Farm

Luna Farm: the fun is back, in all safety

Luna Farm has finally reopened on July 03, 2020, following all the safety practices and the guidelines given by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and the Italian Health authorities.

Since the beginning of the emergency, Safety has been a number one priority: our group has started to rethink the experience of the park and the rides, considering how social distancing would have affected the entertainment industry  and trying to find several operational solutions to help the sector to recover and contain the spread of the virus.

Inside our farm-themed amusement park, located in FICO, the largest food park in the world, fun is considered a serious thing. Luna Farm brings children and families into an immersive journey, where visitors have the chance to reconnect with the roots of the Italian tradition experiencing 15 themed attractions – some of which integrated by augmented and interactive reality solutions developed by Zamperla +.

Luna Farm is an indoor park of 6,500 square meters, structured to accommodate up to 1200 visitors instantly – a capacity that is now reduced to 300 to comply with applicable restrictions. The updated park’s protocol provides numerous precautions and regulations, such as:

  • Having a contingent number of entrances thanks to a people counter provided by Z+ that accurately calculates how many customers are going in and out of the Park, giving real-time data on the number of visitors inside the area.
  • Regulating the access on the attractions with new formula;
  • Periodic sanitization, repeated cleaning and disinfection with special attention to the surfaces of common contact;
  • A new online reservation system to manage limited attendance;
  • Encouraging visitors to use contactless payment methods inside the Park;
  • If over 6 years old, visitors will be required to wear a face mask, except when eating and drinking.
  • For all the other regulations and to help visitors to easily comply with the new norms, Luna Farm has implemented a system of horizontal and vertical signage that will accompany the guests inside all the areas of the park.

During these months of general stop, Luna Farm has worked with families and institutions to rethink the experience of the park and adapt it to the exceptional circumstances that we are facing. From this confrontation comes first the new formula of access to the park: without an entrance ticket, it will be possible to either buy individual rides or just enjoy the environment eating some popcorns while relaxing inside the farm area.

“Until the end of July, you can ride on all the Luna Farm attractions, for only 5 euros. Aren’t we the most convenient amusement park in Italy? We have certainly done all we can to consider the changing economic conditions of many Italian families”, declares Andrea Caldonazzi, Luna Farm CEO.

In these first weeks of reopening the turnout begins to regain regularity, bringing back smiles with very positive feedback from the visitors, who are feeling safe and relaxed while having fun at Luna Farm.