MAGZN – 7th issue

The value of being a “Group”

More than 400 people around the world work together to create that “fun” and “amusement” that has been driving the actions of the Zamperla group for 56 years. A sum of people, cultures, ideas, and skills allows us to “Make people of every age happy by delivering shareable entertainment experiences at special locations all over the world”.

What does it mean to be a “group” today? What is the value we get from it?

As Antonio Zamperla, the Zamperla Group CEO affirms: “The strength of each company lies in its people, so the value of the group can be measured in its diversity, in having alternative points of view to solve complicated problems creatively and efficiently.”

This ability to work together, putting experiences, cultures and different knowledge into the field with trust and respect by solving their differences, is one of the core values of the Zamperla Group.

Magzn Issue n°7 is all about that: we succeed in our work thanks to the set of skills we have put together in 56 years of history, to our diversity and the influences that come from all over the world and, most importantly, to the strength of the group that we all value, every day.