Maintenance Education & Training Course

Zamperla to hold second course in October

Without doubt maintenance is an unavoidable cost but it is a very necessary one if your plant/machinery is to perform safely and efficiently. There are, however, ways of turning maintenance costs into an investment while at the same time bringing clear economical advantages to owners.

It was with this goal in mind that in October last year Zamperla held the inaugural, and innovative, Maintenance Education & Training Course as part of its after sales services. And following the success of this initial event, the Zamperla team is now working on a second course which is due to take place from October 13 to October 18 in Vicenza – Italy, near Zamperla’s homefactory.

It will be based on a six days programme made up of classes that will cover both theory and practical activities.

The course is aimed at maintenance professionals within the amusement industry. Participation is not conditional on specific qualifications, but a technical high school diploma or a university degree and some knowledge of basic maintenance skills would be preferrable.
The course will be held in English, so a basic knowledge and understanding of that language is required as a minimum.

To enroll please contact
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