Official Note

ANTONIO ZAMPERLA SpA of Italy and ZAMPERLA Inc. of USA announce that they have successfully prevailed in separate lawsuits against two manufacturers of amusement rides. The suits asserted that Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd and Zhongshan Golden Dragon Amusement Equipment Company Co., Ltd, both of China, wrongfully engaged in unfair competition and patent infringement in violation of Federal law, and deceptive trade practices under Florida law. The United States District Court of the Middle District of Florida entered permanent injunctions against both companies which forbid them from selling or attempting to sell counterfeits, copies, or confusingly similar rides to the Zamperla Disk’O™, Moto Coaster™, Power Surge™, Rockin’ Tug™ and Jump Around™ amusement rides. Reached for comment, Mr. of Zamperla SpA said, “We invest a great deal of time, money and creativity in order to visualize, engineer and bring to market beautiful, innovative, safe and thrilling rides. We will not and cannot tolerate other companies infringing on our works. We are pleased to have resolved these lawsuits and we will continue to protect our company and the public from rides which appear to be Zamperla equipment, but which were not engineered or manufactured to our standards.”

For more information contact Zamperla’s counsel in this matter:

Thomas M Sheehan
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