The Russian “Dream” park with Zamperla’s rides

The biggest thematic park indoor in the world has just opened. The park, called “Ostrov Mechty”, or Dream Island, is built in the shape of a toy castle that spreads across 30 hectares in an industrial neighborhood in southern Moscow and is filled with rides, attractions and restaurants, setting new standards of entertainment in the Russian landscape.

The 29th of February 2020 has been unveiled this Moscow Luna Park, the biggest project of amusement Russia has ever seen with the aim to create a place of joy and compelling memories to live and share together in a mix of international attractions.

The park hosts eight themed areas containing coherent attractions and experiences, five of them supplied by Zamperla, bringing once more the expertise of the Italian rides manufacturing to encompasses customized solutions especially created for the Russian market.
Zamperla’s know-how has always led the company to create and establish a perfect synergy with international brands in order to guarantee ideal ride’s thematizations, from Zamperla’s Mega Disk’O, to WinstarZ, Magic Bikes, Convoy and Speedway.

The Russian park with an Italian heart confirms, once again, the internationally renown expertise of the perfect balance between artistry, manufacturing and innovation technology of Zamperla’s rides.