Zamperla’s newest family and tweener ride, the “KANG’A’BOUNCE – It’s a blast of family fun!”, packs a powerful punch of fun as it takes riders on a “land down under” bouncing adventure. Riders sit side by side in kangaroo themed seats and are treated to a ride full of bounces and surprises. The KANG’A’BOUNCE comes in both and 8 arm 16 passengers and 12 arm 24 passenger versions and features the industry standard over the-shoulder safety restraints. Zamperla’s design team set out to develop a new generation family flat ride building on the popular jumper ride idea which would use time tested technology for a budget and maintenance friendly ride. The result is a compact circular ride with eye catching themeing to help you maximize your presence on the midway. Advanced noise reduction technology makes this soon to be outdoor favourite a great option for indoor venues. Treat your guests to a blast of family fun on the KANG’A’BOUNCE.

Number of seats16/244
Lenght dimension12 m (39’)1
Minimum passenger height105 cm (42“)6
VersionPark Model7
Width dimension12 m (39’)2
Height dimension5,1 m (17’) in operation3
Theoretical hourly capacity320/480 pph5



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