Merry Go Round Sochi

This classic fairy-like ride has 44 gondolas (40 galloping horses, 2 chariots and 2 cups) for a total capacity of 62 seats.

Each horse goes up and down while the 2 chariots and 2 cups (5 seats each) rotate thanks to a manual

steering wheel.

The central structure is decorated and lighted. The floor is made in wood and the roof is covered with a coloured PVC canvas.

With its 12,5 m of diameter this Merry Go Round can be the centrepiece of your family area.

Max height in operation8,7 m (28’ 7’’)2
Footprint12 x 12 m (39’ 4’’ x 39’ 4’’)1
Number of seats62 passengers3
Number of gondolas40 galloping horses, 2 chariots and 2 cups4
Min passengers height90 cm (36’’) minimum if not accompanied5
Theoretical hourly capacity1500 pph6

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