Space Vortex


This ride will have you experiencing a combination of sensations: speed, freedom and excitement, the perfect mix for a family ride.


Experience all the thrills of the new Zamperla’s Space Vortex, made of fast and unexpected turns with pinches of acceleration, soft ups and downs, where vehicles spin freely and independently offering a different experience with every ride.

The uniqueness of Space Vortex makes it a perfect fit for theme parks, and indoor or outdoor spaces due to its super compact layout. This is thanks to Zamperla Art Department’s expertise seen in their most recent design tools and software, that combined with Zamperla’s historic ability, can satisfy every customer’s needs.

We will guide you to change your perspective, spin and turn, and discover a family ride that will bring the enjoyment to another level.

And the World Goes ‘Round!

Passengers Height Restrictions maximum195 cm (76’)7
Passengers Height Restrictions if not accomp.110 cm (41’)6
Passengers Height Restrictions minimum90 cm (35’)5
Theoretical Hour Capacity (5 Lapswith 40 sec for Loading /Unloading)400 pph4
Max Speed22 km/h3
Maximum Track Height3.4 m2
Length53 m (173')1
Number of Trains18
Number of Vehicles per Train49
Number of Passengers per Vehicle411
Number of passengers per Train1610

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