Merry Go Round Deluxe

Zamperla revisited the classic Merry Go Round realizing this fantastic new version.

This fairy-like ride has 18 gondolas (4 Dolphins, 4 Sea Horse, 8 Pelicans with rocking movement, 2 Boats) for a total capacity of 28 seats.

Dolphins and Sea Horses have an up and down movement, Pelicans have a rocking movement while Boats only rotate with the rides allowing your smaller visitors to ride!

The central structure is decorated and lighted. The floor is made in wood and the roof is covered with majestic fiberglass dome.

If you are looking for an outstanding version of this classic ride our Merry go Round Deluxe is the ride for you!

Max height in operation5,31 m (17’ 5’’)2
Footprint8,7 x 8,7 m (28’ 6 1/2’’ x 28’’ 6 1/2’’)1
Number of seats28 passengers3
Number of gondolas4 Dolphins, 4 Sea Horse 8 Pelicans with rocking movement, 2 Boats4
Min passengers height105 cm (42’’)5
Theoretical hourly capacity500 pph6

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