Exciting first year for Z+

Exciting first year for Z+

Zamperla’s newest brand introduces innovative new developments.

It has been an exciting and productive first year for Zamperla’s new brand, Z+. With a range of products on offer, one of these is the VR BOX which now comes with the new wired 2.5K PiMax headsets. As a result of this upgrade, we are able to ensure a higher resolution (2560 x 1440) and quality of images in terms of colors and brightness. Furthermore, the use of wired headsets facilitates all the operational activities, requires less maintenance and avoids disruption of the wi-fi signal.

Another development is the creation of a 4-seat version of the VR BOX in addition to the original 8-seat version. This smaller, more compact option has been created to accommodate FECs that may have less space at their disposal and will be presented at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando in November, along with new video content. Indeed, in line with our innovative educational/thrilling experience content, we have recently recorded a new 360° video, shot from a drone flying over Rome. The content produced is a thrilling experience akin to riding a roller coaster but at the same time is also educational in that it allows the user to see Rome in all its beauty and from a brand new perspective.


Z+ has a number of new projects in the pipeline too, one of which centers around Interactive Bumper Cars. As one of the great classic attractions, we have now brought a new element to this traditional ride with the addition of gamification, which refreshes the standard ride and offers a brand new experience.


Also in development is a gesture control system for use on rides. Gesture control is the ability to recognize and interpret movements of the human body in order to interact with and control a computer system without direct physical contact. Our intention is to apply the technology to the Galleon in order to make it interactive and even more enjoyable.

These are just some of the new developments and creations from Z+ so if you are curious to know more, feel free to visit us at EAS (Amsterdam) and the IAAPA Expo (Orlando) where we’ll be happy to provide more details.