In these challenging times, we are proud and glad to share the achievements we have accomplished this year and we want to thank all of our Zamperla family for the excellent results attained, our customers for the reliability and trust, and our supporters for inspiring us every day in creating the best experiences of amusement.

In this challenging period, we approached new ways to remain as close as possible to our customers: the success and the safety of your Park is our success too. That is why we put in our clients’ shoes, changing perspective, trying to understand the difficulties that Parks are going through in communicating to their guests that amusement venues are now as safe as ever.

The biggest thematic park indoor in the world has just opened. The park, called "Ostrov Mechty", or Dream Island, is built in the shape of a toy castle that spreads across 30 hectares in an industrial neighborhood in southern Moscow and is filled with rides, attractions and restaurants, setting new standards of entertainment in the Russian landscape.

Z-Max is a brand new tower ride produced by Zamperla Group for 2019. The newest ride installed at the lakeside Särkänniemi Amusement Park in Tampere, Finland, is the Z-Max tower ride.