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What sets us apart

Competitive advantage


At Zamperla, we take pride in offering a complete chain of amusement solutions.

From the original thought of a project to its final execution, we oversee the entire supply chain with our team of designers, engineers for technical development, and a network of specialized suppliers.

From the moment you choose Zamperla as your partner, you gain access to our expertise, support, and services, all under one roof.

One stop shop

At Zamperla, we offer a complete range of products and services, from concept to reality.
We achieve this through our seamless blend of expertise, creativity, and a streamlined process.

Our comprehensive services cover every step of the way, bringing your dream park to life.

Worldwide coverage

We’re a global company with a strong presence worldwide, operating in six strategically positioned branches and boasting three cutting-edge production sites. Our mission is to bring the excitement of amusement rides and roller coasters to every corner of the globe.

Bridging Cultures, Sharing Values

Each branch boasts an Italian cultural translator, ensuring seamless collaboration. We celebrate local traditions while upholding our core values of quality and innovation. Together, we create extraordinary experiences.

Total cost of ownership

In partnership with CAI, Zamperla Group operates Luna Park in Coney Island and Luna Farm in Italy. This firsthand involvement allows us to fully understand how maintenance costs impact operations.
That is why we focused on the total cost of ownership, working to minimize the amount of time, labor, and money required to maintain our rides.

Our total cost of ownership approach ensures your investment remains financially viable over the long term, maximizing your return on investment.
With Zamperla, you can be confident you're making a smart and lasting investment in the success of your amusement park.


Creativity and Themed Design

Zamperla’s globally acclaimed themed design quality stands unmatched.

What sets us apart?

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    Consistent creativity
    Consistent creativity

    At the core of Zamperla’s excellence is our dedicated, in-house artistic department, ensuring a seamless alignment between client’s vision and the final product.

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    Learned from the best
    Learned from the best

    Zamperla partners with the biggest names in the amusement park industry, including Disney, Universal, and Merlin Entertainment. This ensures the highest levels of quality standards, emphasizing an unwavering commitment to detail.

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    Craftsmanship meets innovation
    Craftsmanship meets innovation

    Our specialized team blends artisanal craftsmanship with cutting-edge techniques and technology to bring unique concepts to life.


Experience, not just rides.

With a highly diversified portfolio and a one-stop-shop approach, Zamperla combines two or more attractions, creating immersive areas for shared experiences.

Top-tier Theming Zamperla’s artistic capabilities unlock the possibility to create immersive environments and provide thematic consistency.

Key Success Factors

  • Increased Guest Satisfaction and Per-Cap Spending
  • Wide Demographic Appeal
  • Shared Experience
  • Compact Footprint
  • Immersive Environment
  • Brings Energy To Placemaking