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Junior Coaster and Super Flumez: these latest installations at The Luna Park in Coney Island are one of the best examples of Zamperla’s Concept of “integrated rides”.

Engagement: the keyword to enhance the sense of belonging



My first 4 months have just passed in this big family called the Zamperla Group. Never, in my 10 years of working career, I had the pleasure to use such a powerful word like "family" to define my workplace.

Re-skilling & Up-skilling


Investments ZPeople

Zamperla is preparing for the restart of the industry by investing 3000 hours in training since January. With massive updating of technical skills in the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, and mechanics for both assembly operators and designers, bringing them to a higher level of technical awareness. “The entire production staff has welcomed the several courses held during this period with enthusiasm and interest,” commented Enrico Marcolin, Production Manager.

When being a Group makes the difference



All I had to do was to set foot in Luna Park in Coney Island a few days ago to experience the strength of a cohesive group. Engineers and technicians from the park are working together with the ones who arrived from Italy to coordinate this complex construction site, which includes an extension to create space for the installation of the new Junior Coaster 400, which crosses the existing, but updated Super Flume ride!

Zamperla's vision for the future is renewed in quality and innovation



Zamperla S.p.a lives in constant evolution that has increased its development processes, positioning and classifying the company as a solid reality that responds with efficiency to any needs in a marketplace that is evolving daily.

Zamperla and the value of generational mix



Born in 2003. Leonardo is the youngest among us, he works in the assembly department of electrical components, he’s been hired with a contract that allows him to combine both studying and working. His dream is to globetrot around the world to test rides. I like to welcome young people like Leonardo to the company, as they arrive full of fresh energy, enthusiasm, and dreams.

New CEO and two new entries of Management Team



Zamperla relaunches and pushes on people and innovation: two new top-notch managers to support the new CEO and accelerate growth.

We are part of the innovation process


ZPeople Innovation

Innovation means improving our work every day, thinking outside the box, asking ourselves what we can do more to exceed the expectations. To us innovate means doing better than what we are already accomplishing in terms of finding new solutions, implementing projects, and adapting to future market demands.

The role of the modern artisan as an innovation master


ZPeople Theming

Artisanship is a word that holds multiple meanings, often associated with the renowned “know-how”, or with the culture of making. The modern artisan is an artist that respects the tradition, but he/she is led to innovation. He/she is flexible and independent, naturally combines knowledge (theoretical culture) with know-how (practical culture) in a constant process of reshaping and reinventing his work.

Fun Working is something to be taken seriously – 5 “Fun Working” rules



In these last few months, you may have smiled when you saw children in need of attention invading their parents’ desks while they were engaged in quite serious discussions during video calls.

Zamperla keeps promoting teamworking and sustainability



Zamperla keeps promoting teamworking and sustainability. We continue to have fun and team up, focusing on the sustainability factor within the company.