Junior Coaster 227 at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Our third coaster in Abu Dhabi was a centerpiece for the family area of Sea World Abu Dhabi. Called the Mirco Ocean, the area features several classic Zamperla family attractions like the Rockin’ Tug, Jumping Tower and Magic Bikes. Encircling the entire area is the Junior Coaster Eel Racing Coaster.

Zamperla’s engineers laid out this concept so it enveloped much of the zone and snuck its way in and around the building support structures. Featuring a 90cm (36 in) height restriction, it served as the perfect broad appeal coaster for riders of all ages.

About the ride

Track Length 277 m (909 ft)
Footprint 66 x 50 m (216 x 164 ft)
Max speed 40 km/h (25 mph)
Restraint type T-Bar
Height restriction 90 cm (35 in) minimum / 105 cm (42 in) unaccompanied
Theoretical hourly capacity 640 pph
Load/unload time 40 s
Ride time 73 s
Number of trains 1
Number of passenger per vehicle 10
Number of passenger per vehicle 2
Power requirement 83 kW
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