Lightning Launch at Cedar Point

Top Thrill 2 is the world’s first reimagined strata coaster and the fastest and tallest LSM triple-launch coaster. Thanks to the all-new linear synchronous motor (LSM) launch system, riders experience three unique launches:

  • A forward launch at a speed of 119 km/h (74 mph), which leads into a crowd favorite- the rollback

  • A second backward launch reaching a speed of 163 km/h (101 mph), climbing at a 90-degree angle on the new, 128 meter (420 foot)-tall vertical spike.

  • A third launch that clocks in at the ride’s top speed of 193 km/h (120 mph) and speeds over the 128 meter (420 foot) top hat before diving into a 270-degree spiral leading to the finish line.

The project used part of the old ride’s original track and re-imagined the experience, which required years of research and design from Zamperla’s engineers. The most important feature of the Top Thrill 2 Lightning train is the weight: thanks to the aluminum-milled chassis and the carbon-fiber bodywork, it weighs less than almost any other train of this type on the market.

The wheels are also a unique project component. They are sized to withstand the high speeds of the record-breaking experience and use a polyurethane compound that can stand up to the heat created from multiple high-speed accelerations.

Artist concept rendering, Courtesy of Cedar Point.

“Top Thrill 2 will be the boldest and most advanced roller coaster Cedar Point has ever introduced. It’s another one-of-a-kind that could only be built at Cedar Point.”

(Carrie Boldman, General Manager and Vice President, Cedar Point)

About the ride

Total Track Length 1043 meters (3422 feet)
Maximum height 128 meters (420 feet)
Number of Trains 3
Vehicles per-Train 5
Passengers per-Train 20
Height Restriction 132 cm (52 in) minimum
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