Super Twister Coaster at Warner Brothers Abu Dhabi

Warner Brothers Movie World Abu Dhabi and Thinkwell had a lot of specific requests for their spinning coaster concept. In addition to being a broad appeal attraction (105 cm [42 in]) the ride system needed to have several features. The park requested that the vehicles could index from side to side and free spin. In addition, park ownership wanted on-board audio. They also needed to look like the iconic sandwiches Tom and Jerry were known to snack on.

The resulting coaster was a hit and the marquee roller coaster at the property. After meandering through the beautiful-themed queue line, riders step into the vehicles designed by Zamperla’s artists. The four-car trains were themed like Swiss cheese with speared fiberglass olives sticking out of them. Once the trains left the station they pivot to the left so riders can see the media enhanced lift hill that sets up the experience.

Once the vehicles crest the lift they unlock and are free to spin, twisting and turning through 461 m (1,512 ft) of track.

About the ride

Track length 461 m (1512.2 ft)
Footprint 80 x 42 m (262 x 137 ft)
Max speed 55 km/h (34 mph)
Restraint type T-Bar
Height restriction 105 cm (42 in) minimum / 120 cm (48 in) unaccompanied
Theoretical hourly capacity 850 pph
Load/unload time 50 s
Ride time 119 s
Number of vehicles per train 5
Power requirement 180 kW
Number of trains 2
Number of passengers per-vehicle 4
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