Thunderbolt at Fancy City

Fancy City asked us for a custom layout for their marque roller coaster. The ride was part of a completely new park built from the ground up. Because of this, the owners wanted a unique layout with standout features. The resulting ride was a 568-meter long track featuring five inversions.

The ride’s focal point is a 30.5 m (100 ft) vertical lift, which captures everyone’s attention. The rest of the experience featured non-stop action with the coaster elements consistently hitting until the ride is slowed by the magnetic brakes.

The Thunderbolt system was updated to our Lightning Coaster.

“There a great presence for the new roller coaster for Yangzhou Fancy City. As the first international famous brand roller coaster in East China, Thunderbolt is the star ride in our park. The passengers are excited by the ride experience, which is exciting and comfortable.”

(Park Management, Fancy City)

About the ride

Track Length 568 m (1863 ft)
Footprint 46 x 91 m (151 x 298 ft)
Max speed 85 km/h (53 mph)
Heigth restriction 130 cm (51 in)
Theoretical hourly capacity 580 pph
Number of vehicles 3
Passengers per vehicle 9
Power requirement 210 kW
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