Twister Coaster 325 at OWA Park

The Park at OWA (now known as Tropic Falls Theme Park) asked Zamperla to create a package of attractions for their new park. We opened 20 rides, including three roller coasters.

The Twister Coaster served as the park’s broad appeal coaster. With a 105 cm (42 in) height requirement the goal of this coaster was to be an exciting experience for a majority of parkgoers. In addition, the compact footprint allowed the park’s master planners to put the ride in a corner of the property and maximize the available space.

About the ride

Track length 370 m (1213 ft)
Footprint 72 x 38 m (236 x 124 ft)
Max speed 50 km/h (31 mph)
Restraint type T-Bar
Height restriction 105 cm (42 in) minimum / 120 cm (48 in) unaccompanied
Theoretical hourly capacity 460 pph
Load/unload time 70 s
Ride time 100 s
Power requirement 62 kW
Number of vehicles 6
Number of passengers per-vehicle 4
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