Twister Coaster 420 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was lacking a broad appeal roller coaster. The park had a great thrill ride arsenal and one kids coaster, but needed something in the middle. Our Twister Coaster boasted a 105 cm (42 in) height requirement and fit the bill.

We themed the vehicles to match a rattlesnake motif the park gave the coaster. In addition, Six Flags did an amazing job theming the attraction. The park created beautiful signage that featured a large rattle snake. In addition, they showcased several snakes as part of an educational exhibit in the queue.

The guest response to the coaster installation was immediate and positive. Riders of all ages enjoyed the coaster. Most importantly, the project did a great job targeting the park’s key visitor demographic- families with kids under twelve. Almost every family that came through the front gate had a majority of their family members enjoying the coaster.

“Sidewinder Safari is unlike any other ride in Northern California, featuring the thrill of a unique, spinning roller coaster combined with an opportunity to encounter reptiles up-close, which continues Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s long legacy of promoting animal conservation through education. This new experience solidifies our place as the Thrill Capital of Northern California.”

(Dameon Nelson, Park President, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

About the ride

Track Length 420 m (1378 ft)
Footprint 43 x 20 m (141 x 66 ft)
Max speed 45 km/h (27 mph)
Restraint type T-Bar
Height restriction 105 cm (42 in) minimum / 120 cm (48 in) unaccompanied
Theoretical hourly capacity 400 pph
Load/unload time 30 s
Ride time 158 s
Number of Vehicles per-Train 6
Number of passenger per vehicle 4
Power requirement 57 kW
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