The Aeromax tower is a new version of Zamperla’s Samba Tower, already a family favorite and a perfect centerpiece for any family area. Eight Cropduster planes can accommodate 4 children and adults for a total seating capacity of 32 passengers. Powered by a hydraulic cylinder, the vehicles slowly rise and rotate until they reach a maximum height of 7 m. One they reach the top the Cropduster planes continue to rotate and swing freely sideways offering a panoramic view and then make their descent.

Number of seats32 (16 adults + 16 children)4
Lenght dimension14 m (46')1
Minimum passenger height120 cm (48“)6
VersionPark Model7
Width dimension14 m (46')2
Height dimension9,10 m (29‘ 10 1/4“) or 13,2 m (43' 4'')3
Theoretical hourly capacity800 pph5