Discovery Revolution

Up to 30 riders are seated in a large circular gondola facing outwards and are held in their seats by over the shoulder restraints with their feet dangling below. The ride action is like a pendulum and as it begins to swing, the gondola also rotates. As each swing gets longer the gondola eventually swings fully through 360 degrees for a totally mind boggling feeling!
As well as the full, adrenaline pumping experience, the Discovery Revolution offers for a slightly less excessive ride can choose to try the ‘less extreme’ programme which swings and rotates but doesn’t include the full 360 degree element.

VersionPark and Trailer Model8
Width dimension10,6 m (34’ 9’’) or 14,7 m (48’ 3’’)2
Height dimension18 m (59’ 1’’) or 30 m (98’ 5’’)3
Lenght dimension12,6 m (41’ 4’’) or 19,6 m (64’ 4’’)1
Minimum passenger height120 cm (48’’)7
Number of seats16 or 305
Theoretical hourly capacity400 or 750 pph6
Max Swing Angle360°4



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