E-Puff Train


Unique selling points

  • A trackless train perfect for a fun-filled ride, suitable for both indoor spaces and scenic tours in outdoor parks
  • Equipped with power drive DC engine that allows strong pull of wagons in maximum capacity of 24 passengers
  • Old-fashioned design, inspired by the railway transportation of the past, with sound, light package option, and made of fiberglass body to add more authenticity to the product


Total power (kW)5 (TOTAL POWER)1
Ride Dimension L x W x H ) / Diameter_w/ perimeter fencewidth = 1080mm, length = 12021mm & height = 1893mm2
Passenger capacity243
Height Restrictionmin of 90cm not accompanied by an adult4
Speedmax = 2.36 m/s5

Off the rails for a unique experience!

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