Energy Storm

Three or Five sweep arms begin to rotate at 18 rpm. At the end of each sweep, 6 or 8 riders begins a second rotation, in tight, rapid circles similar to a polyp motion. With a burst of energy, all sweeps rotate upward, flipping the riders up-side-down, while continuing to spin. When the gondolas are in their upright position they rotate in a clockwise direction, when the gondolas are in their inverted position they move in a counterclockwise direction. The center section of the ride moves in a counterclockwise direction. When the gondolas are inverted their speed is added to the speed center section. When the gondolas are in their upright position their speed is subtracted to the speed of the center section. No center raising. The combined accelerations and decelerations experienced upright and inverted provides to the passengers a wide range of sensations. The reactions of the passengers and the spectacular visual effects gives this ride a magnetic draw in the park. The attraction is provided with gondolas accomodating two riders (inward facing) for a total seating capacity of 18, 24 or 40 passengers. Each seat has a shoulder bar and lap bar with safety latching mechanism controlled by the operator. All gondolas are self loading and unloading and lower to the loading/unloading position simultaneously. Loading/unloading platforms, back scenery, lighted sign not included.

Minimum passenger height120 cm (48’’)5
Height dimension5,85/5,50/8,30 m (19’ 2’’/18’ 1’’/27’ 3’’)2
Number of seats18/24/403
VersionPark and Trailer Model6
Theoretical hourly capacity450/600/1200 pph4
Footprint (Ø diameter)15,5 m (50’ 10’’)1



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