Factory Coaster

An enthralling experience awaits you!


Abandon everything that you hold true and explore an underground of a dark, mysterious building with the brand new Zamperla roller coaster. It is a dynamic ride that will bring you into a mission of well-paced ups and downs, where gravity is taken to another thrilling level.


Be ready to start the expedition which begins nice and easy with a soft launch, then you will fall from a 4 meters high vertical drop and be catapulted through a special backwards switch for an exciting head over heels sensation. In the darkness you will experience custom projections in coordination with elements of the ride.

Thanks to our Zamperla specialists, we are able to execute the customer’s creative concepts using highly specialized skill that combine design theme to expertly engineered and safe ride systems.

The Factory Coaster has 16 seats per vehicle, for a total of 7 vehicles, allowing for easy integration into a variety of landscapes, both indoor and outdoor. The track design and layout are set up for a mission of pure excitement.

Passengers Height Restrictions if not accomp.120 cm (48'')6
Passengers Height Restrictions minimum105 cm (42'')5
Theoretical Hour Capacity (with 100s for loading/unloading)1100 pph4
Max Speed52 km/h - 32 mph3
Maximum Track Height24.8 m (81.4')2
Length611m (2004')1
Number of Vehicles77
Number of Passengers per Vehicle168

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