Ferris Wheel Fiesta Balloon

Zamperla is proud to introduce the new “Fiesta Balloon” ferris wheel.  This design highly emphasizes the physical appearance of the beautifully crafted gondolas which are themed as multicolored hot-air balloons.

This ride is a classic Panoramic Wheel with 6 Gondolas with 4 seats each.  The shape of the structure, unlike a classical Ferris wheel, is hexagonal! The footprint plan dimensions are 10.5 m x 5.0 m (34’ 5’’ x 16’ 5’’) and the total height of the ride is 11 m (36’ 1’’) m.

The ride is available in Park and Trailer mounted version.

Width dimension4,5 m (14' 9'') or 5 m (16' 5'') in the trailer model2
Minimum passenger height105 cm (42”) if not accompanied6
Height dimension11,5 m (37' 9'')3
Lenght dimension10 m (32' 10'')1
Number of seats244
VersionPark and Trailer Model7
Theoretical hourly capacity480 pph5

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