Giga Discovery

World Record Pendulum!


At a record-breaking 52,5 meters (172 ft) in the air, Giga Discovery reaches speeds up to 110 kilometersper-hour, as it swings back and forth—higher and higher giving to the 40 riders a staggering view of the world below.


Installed in 2018 at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Zamperla Giga Discovery takes riders higher and faster than ever before.


You won’t be able to miss the next installations!


Footprint33,5m x 23,5m1
Main axle height30m (98' 52")2
Max height in operation52,5 (172'3")3
Max swing angle130 degree4
Number of seats40 adults5
Gondola max revolving speed6 r.p.m.6
Min passenger height120 cm (48’’)7
Hourly capacity (approx)600 p.p.h.8
Total power consuption1 MW9
Max pendulum Swing speed10.2 rpm10
Max vertical acceleration42.8 m/s (4.4g)11
Light powerOn request12

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